Stormy Sea
Know what you're in for

Two full-day weather seminars are available for your review. Presented by an all-star lineup of ocean-going weather experts, these courses will help prepare you for a swift and safe passage, whether coastal or trans-oceanic, racing or cruising.


Session 1: Pick from below or play the entire list.


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Marine Weather and Sea State II Introduction - Frank Bohlen

Oceanographer, Sailor  University of Connecticut Marine Sciences

A brief history of the subject and an introduction to the primary factors affecting marine weather forecasting and the accuracy of the forecast.

Marine Weather Fundamentals - Ken McKinley

Meteorologist –Locus Weather

A comprehensive primer on the factors governing weather, the circulation of the atmosphere and the resulting wind conditions of interest to all boaters.

Ocean Currents, Waves and Sea State - W Frank Bohlen

A discussion of the coupling between the ocean and the atmosphere and the resulting ocean circulation and winds including consideration of tides and tidal currents. Much of the discussion focuses on the west coast of the U.S.

Marine Forecasting Process and Products - Joe Sienkiewicz

Meteorologist and Sailor – NOAA National Weather Service- Ocean Prediction Center

A critical overview of the elements comprising the marine weather forecast, sources of information, the role of the human analyst and the resulting products provided by the Ocean Prediction Center.

Coastal Weather Characteristics and Forecasting - Kirby Cook

Meteorologist NOAA  National Weather Service – Seattle

A view of the characteristics of coastal weather, dominating factors and the complexities of forecasting with particular emphasis on Pacific Northwest conditions .


Evaluations of the Marine Forecast - David Burch

Scientist, Teacher  Starpath School of Navigation

Presented with the grand variety of forecast products available today, many easily accessible and in color how does the boater evaluate product accuracy ?

Satellite Communications - Jeff Thomassen

Chief Technical Officer   OCENS

An up-to-date discussion of the variety of satellite communications available to the small boat operator including consideration of bandwidth and costs.

Marine Weather, a Navigator's Perspective - Stan Honey

Sailor, Navigator, Inventor   Honey Navigation

A brief discussion of the differences between Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean weather followed by an in-depth tutorial on the role of the navigator with particular emphasis on preparation prior to any cruise or race.

Roundtable Discussion - Frank Bohlen, Moderator

Questions from the floor answered by selected presenters.