Safety for Cruising Couples

CCA's popular Safety for Cruising Couples curriculum has been presented to hundreds of participants each year it has been available. Structured around our handbook of the same name, the course may be presented by any organization interested in the topic.

On watch on a sailboat
Half of a couple on watch. Staying warm and alert

The course covers a range of safety practices, with particular emphasis on maintaining a safe voyage with a small crew! The materials have been prepared by CCA members, among the most experienced blue-water sailors, many having completed extensive off-shore cruises, circumnavigations, as well as off-shore races, such as the Newport Bermuda Race. Whether racing or cruising, offshore or coastal, the short-handed crew should find much of value in these courses.

To purchase a copy of the workbook or receive information on how to present a Safety for Cruising Couples  seminar at your yacht club, contact Ron Trossbach at or (703) 403-8408. Ron can provide comprehensive guidance on setting up and implementing one of these well-regarded seminars.