Safety for Cruising Couples

CCA's popular Safety for Cruising Couples curriculum has been presented to hundreds of participants each year it has been available.

Structured around our handbook of the same name, the course may be presented by any organization interested in the topic with free assistance from the CCA.

On watch on a sailboat
Half of a couple on watch. Staying warm and alert

The course covers a range of essential safety practices, with particular emphasis on completing
a safe voyage with a small crew. Topics include:

  • Importance of Teamwork and Confidence Building
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • Person Overboard and Recovery Under Sail and Power
  • Other Emergencies
  • Know Before You Go: GPS, VHF, Using Charts and Chart-plotters
  • Navigation and Safety Equipment
  • Getting Help DSC Distress Communications
  • Preparing Yourself and Your Boat
  • Additional Resources and Checklists

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