Course Overview: 

This course is designed to assist boat owners, especially cruising couples or shorthanded sailors, in practicing Man Overboard techniques on their own boats. Attendees will find that despite having studied the subject and attended Safety at Sea courses, they are not prepared for the actual emergency until they have practiced MOB recovery on their own boats. The course requires your boat, your crew, and commitment of much of a day.

Introductory Video here

"Oscar" being hoisted
"Oscar" may be a dummy, but is very helpful in the practice!

Course Size and Needed Resources:

  1. Two to four boats demonstrating with double handed crews.
  2. Ideally a variety of vessel size and rigging.
  3. One to two on-shore CCA hosts/presenters/coaches.
  4. Dock space for all participating boats
  5. 1 chase boat with CCA coach and at least one observer/note taker
  6. 1 recovery dummy - OSCAR
  7. LifeSling gear on each boat.
  8. Prerequisite handouts to be circulated prior
  9. Provisions established for lunch/rest rooms, etc.


See the full curriculum below.