In this reprinted article from SAIL magazine, CCA member Rich Wilson shares the tale of a terrifying…

When the weather turns rough, we need to focus on survival.

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“The art of sailing, maneuvering, and preserving a ship or a boat in all positions and under all reasonable circumstances.”

Whether it's a return from Bermuda, Hawaii, or some other venue, the return voyage requires at least as much consideration as the outbound leg.

In addition to courses offered through sailing organizations, including Safety for Cruising Couples and sanctioned Safety at Sea seminars, many private enterprises offer coursework that may be suitable for you. The list below is not exhaustive.

Stay on the boat. However, accidents happen. Here are resources for avoiding an overboard incident, procedures for responding to one, and gear and practices that may make your recovery safer and surer.

CCA's popular Safety for Cruising Couples (SCC) seminars have been presented to hundreds of participants each year as a