Our Fleet Surgeon reviews prior voyages and recommendations. Current advice, key items to watch for,…
Chuck runs aground. Runs aground again many years later. Kedges off. Thoughts on anchors.
Take a class, read a book, practice; do what you can to improve your skills, whether mental or physical.

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Whether it's a return from Bermuda, Hawaii, or some other venue, the return voyage requires at least as much consideration as the outbound leg.

In addition to courses offered through sailing organizations, including Safety for Cruising Couples and sanctioned Safety at Sea seminars, many private enterprises offer coursework that may be suitable for you. The list below is not exhaustive.

Stay on the boat. However, accidents happen. Here are resources for avoiding an overboard incident, procedures for responding to one, and gear and practices that may make your recovery safer and surer.

CCA's popular Safety for Cruising Couples (SCC) seminars have been presented to hundreds of participants each year as a

Hailed by some as perhaps the greatest safety development for the recreational mariner in a decade, AIS  ("Automatic Identification System") provides a robust tool for locating and identifying nearby traffic, announcing your presence, and even locating a crew overboard.